Team Accountability Project


Getting Things Done® (GTD®) User Accountability Partnership Program


To create an accountability partner system to help Getting Things Done (GTD) users collaborate and support each other with their GTD habit development, their productivity systems implementation and their responsibility to personal and/or professional commitments.


We pair you with an Accountability Partner (AP) to create a Accountability Team (AT). Next, you each individually create Monthly Goals and GTD habits you would like to achieve and develop (or hone), respectively, and you share them with your AP. Finally, you and your AP meet twice per week (typically by phone), once to discuss your status midweek and finally at the end of the week to share what you've achieved, what you struggled with, and what you learned along the way. It's through this accountability and collaboration that many of our interdependent life's projects and next actions find a safety net and motivation to get to done.

If you have a basic knowledge of Getting Things Done, you can get started here and become a part of the growing Team Accountability Project movement. Here's to your productivity success!

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Here's to your productive life!