Monthly Goals and GTD


We tend to think about GTD's tenets of bottom's up approach to productivity, but there's a space between day-to-day productivity and long-term goals that's missing when you don't take the time to review/reflect on a weekly and monthly basis on higher levels ("horizons of focus"). Monthly goals create that continuity for you, especially when you have someone to share them with confidentially and with accountability.


Why did I create an accountability partnership program for GTDers?

First, David Allen doesn't cover accountability in Getting Things Done or Making It All Work, except not to make commitments you cannot keep with yourself or others. Accountability is a powerful motivational factor in our everyday lives and its importance is tantamount in an interdependent, knowledge worker ecosystem (and naturally fits a GTD practice).

Next, GTD is based on commitments and sometimes commitments to ourselves can lose priority in our work and personal worlds because of Industrial Age management styles.

Finally, habit development is complex (and especially GTD methodology as a whole) and there are many myths associated with habit development (as described in ProdPod episodes 13-16). Having help to develop those GTD skills through years (of using and observing accountability as a motivator to significantly increase productivity and fulfillment) has proved accountability's efficacy to me and I hope that through this accountability partnership program you will have the same great success.