TouchPoint Meeting

TouchPoint Meeting (TpM) is the first of two weekly times when you communicate with your Accountability Partner (AP). TAP has learned through several iterations of our formula for productivity and accountability success, that much can happen between Monday and Friday! From a quick success on Goal A to a huge wrench in your plans for whatever reason, TpM is a powerful tool to remind of us what's important to make our week a success. If things are going well, you can make minor tweaks and steer toward a fantastic second half of your week! If things aren't going so well, this is a great time to have the support of your AP to help you identify what challenges can be mitigated and opportunities taken advantage of so you can get back on track to achieving your week's goal(s). Altogether, it's a fast and easy mid-week review of our goals, successes, challenges and lessons learned with our AP.

Review the agenda over on the Forms page for the full description of how to conduct your TouchPoint Meetings.