Weekly Accountability Meeting

At the core of Team Accountability Project is communicating with your Accountability Partner (AP), and the primary time to do this is by use of the Weekly Accountability Meeting concept. Weekly Accountability Meeting (WAM) is the time for reflection with your Accountability Partner about your week's achievement of goals, successes (small and large, as every success matters), challenges and lessons learned to overcome those challenges going forward. You track these items on the Goals, Challenges, Successes and Lessons Learned (GCSL2) form so that you can review them on a monthly basis and start to notice patterns. It's important that you take this time to reflect during WAM and support your AP to reflect positively in the same manner. Over time you and your AP will get to know how to encourage each other using non-judgmental, motivating language that works for each of you, and that's where the "productivity mojo" happens when it comes to accountability.

PRO TIP: It's usually best to do your WAM after your GTD Weekly Review, so that you have had a chance to reflect on your past week and prepared and planned for the upcoming week, month.

Review the agenda over on the Forms page for the full description of how to conduct your Weekly Accountability Meetings.