In order for Team Accountability Project to run smoothly and effectively for accountability teams, we've set down these rules to make sure you stay on course toward productivity success! Modify these rules for your accountability teams sparingly, but make changes where necessary for reaching your goals.

1) Each member (hereinafter “accountability partner” or “AP”) shall be paired with and have only one accountability partner.

2) Each accountability partner shall define at least one (up to three) goal(s) per month and share that with his/her accountability partner. Every AP must post their goal(s) for every month in advance of the first day of the coming month to their AP team's forum. (This is private and confidential Web-based discussion board between the accountability partners; you can choose the platform/tool (e.g., Google Spaces Chat, Microsoft Teams channel, or Slack) to keep these goal posts. Accountability partners are encouraged to keep each other accountable to getting these goals posted to the forum and achieved in a timely fashion!)

Weekly Duties

3) Each accountability partner team shall meet (via phone/video/in-person) twice per week.

Meeting 1: Weekly Accountability Meeting (“WAM”) (approximately 1 hour)


I. Did the accountability partners accomplish the planned tasks toward the goal(s) each

accountability partner committed to?

II. Current week's Successes. Did I/you achieve your goal(s)? Other achievements.

III. Current week's Challenges, then brainstorm/discuss possible resolutions.

IV. Next week's planned tasks toward goal(s).

Meeting 2: Touchpoint Meeting (“TpM”) (20 minutes maximum)


I. Current achievements toward this week's goals.

II. Current challenges reaching this week's goals. What do you need to overcome?


5) Each accountability partner team will report by email to a TAP administrator monthly on their

activities.  Report consists of:

1. Successes.

2. Lessons learned.

(You have the option of scanning/sending your Goals | Challenges | Successes | Lessons Learned

(“GCSL2”) form, or by typing/emailing them.)

Typically, WAM occurs at the end of every week (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and the TpM happens midweek (preferably Tuesday or Wednesday); however, AP teams can adjust to make these work to accommodate their schedules and what works best for their mutual benefit.

6) Accountability partners are encouraged to randomly, appropriately "check in" with their accountability partner to see if they have overcome specific challenges prior to TpMs and WAMs. TAP provides the Web-based discussion board for these discussions or accountability partners can email, phone, Skype, IM-chat, etc.

7) Accountability partners will provide all feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions and comments directly to the TAP administrators so that they can be addressed as practicable. TAP wants everyone to have a healthy, productive experience as an accountability partner in TAP.

8) Accountability partners will be rotated on a semi-annual (twice yearly) basis and accountability partners will be paired based on an internal algorithm performed by TAP (taking into account the available pool of accountability partners).

9) Accountability partners that wish to remain in their AP team can petition (simply both emailing their reason(s) to the TAP administrators) that they wish to continue together. We will make a determination based on the arguments presented and our own internal analysis.

10) Accountability partners will keep all communications private and confidential. Breach of confidentiality is immediate grounds for suspension/removal from TAP.  (Note: you can modify or redact (by marking out) the facts/details (names, organizations, etc.) of your monthly accountability partner team report in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of you, your client(s), family, friend(s), etc. We just want to know about the successes generally to provide affirmation and accolades, and lessons

learned so that we can learn/share the strategies/tactics being developed/tested by your interactions with your AP and overcoming challenges to your productivity.)